New Developments

Creating real value in property and places

Team Background

The Hunter teams have been actively involved in new development projects at recent years besides of dealing with sub-sales units.


The projects are as listed below: 

West Malaysia

  1. Inspirasi, Mont Kiara
  2. Mizumi Residences, Kepong
  3. Duta Park Residence, Jalan Kuching
  4. Semanja, Kajang
  5. GrenePark, Semenyih
  6. Residensi D, Cheras
  7. Ehsan Residensi, Salak Tinggi
  8. Vista Sri Tanjung, Semenyih 
  9. PR1MA Kajang
  10. Mixed Development Projects in Melaka

East Malaysia

  1. Frevon Residence, Semaba
  2. High Park, Sentosa
  3. Penrissen, Sentosa
  4. Punica, Malihah
  5. Bowood, Malihah
  6. Regent Height, Sungai Maong
  7. Le Fizenze, 11th mile
  8. Meritton, Airport Road
  9. Raintree Residence, 5th mile Matang
  10. Garden Resident, Batu Kawah
  11. Vista Hajijah, Matang
  12. Rania, Matang
  13. Riveria, Petanak
  14. Tamu, Stampin Tengah

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